Averroès Développement has been developing its expertise in business strategy and human interaction. We are dedicated to supporting your entrepreneurial experiences.
We believe that men and women are at the core of a company's success and we are specialized in facilitating and improving team work and team building.



What are the conditions of a successful strategy? Mainly, embracing uncertainty and thinking about the future, others include:

  • A shared representation
  • Creating a vision
  • Ability to declining and turn over an action plan
  • Managing indicators

Ever since the foundation of Averroès Développement in 2000, we have been supporting and following-up on all of our clients regarding their entrepreneurial and strategic issues.

Over time, we have been capitalizing on our expertise by creating and implementing specific tools and methodologies for our clients. These tools are constantly updated in order to incorporate academic knowledge and the latest research on strategy and organization.

Because the implementation of a successful strategy is always a collective process, we have developed animation techniques that are aimed at encouraging team creativity and commitment.

The success of a strategy resides in its implementation and we are committed to assisting you in deploying your action plans.


Human Interactions

In today’s world, the capacity to interact with a wide range of actors while cultivating the differences is essential for the success of your business...

People are now, more than ever, the primary source of differentiation for your business. Value arises from their interactions. In this context, training teams to "better work together" has become one of our central concerns.

In order for everyone to contribute to the extent of their full potential, our qualified experts have developed personal development tools and a wide range of customized training programs.

Our tools and methods are aimed at fostering and optimizing the brainstorming, decision making and production processes.

We work with a very demanding client base that is sensitive to the benefits that an efficient group dynamic can bring about and have been relying on us to help them with these issues.


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